BOC main logo in purple

Branding: BOC

Hi High North logo

Branding: Hi High North

Sims Downloads logo in a green color

Branding: Sims Downloads, a website about the popular simulation game The Sims 4


Guide to Dokkum branding with the logo, playful shapes and colors

Branding: Guide to Dokkum logo with a white font


Photo of tulips and a windmill in Dokkum, The Netherlands

Photography: The Netherlands, a website about volcanoes in Iceland

Website: logo

Branding:, Mark's professional resume website


Mark logo with the letter M


Photo of a ladybird during sunset near Uppsala, Sweden

Photography: Sweden

Photo of a volcano in Fagradalsfjall, Iceland

Photography: Iceland

Social media post to increase engagement

Social Media: Tobii Dynavox

Social media post to increase engagement

Social Media: Boardmaker

Photo of a Russian cathedral in Tallinn, Estonia

Photography: Estonia

Zettle slogan for the Stockholm Pride

Copywriting: Zettle

Sims Releases logo

Branding: Sims Releases

Jeugdparlement Dongeradeel logo

Branding: Jeugdparlement Dongeradeel