Branding: Guide to Dokkum

Created in: 2022
Main topic: Tourism platform for the city of Dokkum
Status: Under construction

As someone who was born and raised in Dokkum (The Netherlands), I’ve always had a deep appreciation for my hometown. It’s not hard to fall in love with this city, as it was chosen as one of the top five most attractive fortified towns in The Netherlands by approximately 70,000 people who voted in an ANWB competition (the Royal Dutch Touring Club).

Throughout the years, I’ve had several international friends visit Dokkum. Every time, I observed the same thing again: there is a lack of good English information about the city.¬†Everything is fragmented, a lot of information is missing, or it’s simply dated.

With Guide to Dokkum, I want to address these issues by providing the best information about the city. This includes the best sights to see, hotel options, restaurants, and more.

I developed the visual identity for Guide to Dokkum myself. The next step is to launch a website, together with social media channels.

The branding is bold and perhaps a bit out of the box, but it blends in well with the traditional, trendy, and modern vibe of the city. The colors are fresh and vibrant, so it also appeals to a younger audience.

The logo contains the shape of the inner city, which has the form of a fortress. The words “Guide to Dokkum” are written by hand and slightly altered with graphic design software.

Below are a few examples of brand materials that I’ve made.