Website: MarkFokkema.com

Founded in: 2016
Main topic: Professional portfolio website
Website URL: www.markfokkema.com

Welcome to MarkFokkema.com. This website serves as my professional portfolio, where you can find background information about my career, as well as examples of things that I’ve created during the past few years.

The portfolio page displays my work categorized into different areas, including websites, copywriting, social media, graphic design, photography, and more. Please take a moment to browse through the various pages in the overview.

I developed this website myself from scratch with the help of the content management system WordPress and a template, on which I have created my own customized design.

Displayed below is a screenshot of the most recent version of the website. This version was created in 2022. Additional content will be added to this website in the near future, as I’m constantly working on new projects.