Branding: Jeugdparlement Dongeradeel

Created in: 2009
Main topic: Jeugdparlement Dongeradeel logo
Client: Jeugdparlement Dongeradeel
Website URL: www.facebook.com/hetjpd

Back in 2009, I was a member of Jeugdparlement Dongeradeel (JPD), a group of young people who met with local politicians to talk about issues affecting young people in the former municipality of Dongeradeel (which is now called Noardeast-Fryslân).

I was asked by JPD to come up with a logo for them. That was an exciting assignment! The image below shows the logo I came up with.

To appeal to younger generations, I wanted to make something that looked cool and bold. The blue typography catches the eye.

The logo was used on JPD’s website and social media channels.