Website: VulkaanIJsland.nl

Founded in: 2021
Main topic: Volcano Iceland website
Website URL: www.vulkaanijsland.nl

Back in 2021, when the world was going through a pandemic, I was living in Iceland. After weeks of heavy earthquakes, we knew that something special was going to happen.

On March 19th, the volcano in Fagradalsfjall, not far from Iceland’s capital, Reykjavik, started erupting. I remember this moment very clearly, as most people around me became overly excited and a little scared at the same time. No one knew what would happen or how things would evolve.

At that time, Iceland was under a lockdown. The lack of tourists had a very negative impact on the country’s economy. Tourism plays a significant role in their economy.

During my time in Iceland, I had the chance to meet photographers from various countries who eventually became good friends. After receiving confirmation from Icelandic authorities that the area was safe, we embarked on a journey to the volcano.

The hike covered 24 kilometers through challenging terrain, including lava fields and steep mountains. Our eyes welled up with a mixture of sheer awe and disbelief as we laid eyes on the magnificent volcano before us. This truly was a life-changing experience!

The ongoing eruption of the volcano caused significant changes to the landscape. My friends and I visited the volcano a total of four times and were consistently impressed by its beauty.

I really felt the need to share my experiences with the world, so I decided to create a new website about the volcano called VulkaanIJsland.nl. It was launched in May 2021 and focuses on Dutch-speaking countries. I designed the website and branding all by myself.

At this moment, VulkaanIJsland.nl is still under construction.
In my portfolio, you can find photos of the volcano and the logo for VulkaanIJsland.nl.