Photography: Estonia

Captured in: 2016-2020
Main topic: Various photos of Estonia

Estonia is not really a popular destination for travelers yet. However, it’s undoubtedly one of Europe’s best-kept secrets. I’ve been to Tallinn, the capital city, three times before.

For my first trip, I went on a CouchSurfing adventure. I found a few friendly people online who wanted to show me around and offered me a place to stay. Using CouchSurfing was a little outside my comfort zone, but I’m glad I did it.

Locals showed me all the best parts of the city, including some hidden gems. I decided to come back again later because my trip was so short. I fell in love with the city. No matter where you go in Tallinn, each street and corner is beautiful in its own way.

All of the photos on this page were taken in the old town and Toompea, which is in the center of the city and sits on a hill with beautiful views of the city. The photos show what the city has to offer. I cannot wait to go back!