Photography: Iceland

Captured in: 2020-2021
Main topic: Various photos of Iceland

This collection contains photos from the years 2020 and 2021 when I was living in Iceland. The photos of lighthouses, cliffs, and a volcano were captured on the Reykjanes peninsula, not far from the Icelandic capital city of Reykjavik. At that time, Iceland was in lockdown, and the tourism sector was completely shut down.
On March 19th, the volcano in Fagradalsfjall began to erupt. My photographer friends invited me to join them on a trip to the volcano the day after the eruption started. At that time, COVID-19 cases were rare in Iceland, so it was pretty safe to hang out with other people.

On our first trip, the volcano itself was very small. The Icelanders called it a ‘cute tourist volcano’. We were able to get really close to the crater. This was considered safe by the Icelandic security services. It was a crazy adventure, for sure!

During the second trip, the volcano was much bigger and looked like a small mountain. The photo below was taken during this trip. Even though it was very cold outside, the volcano constantly pushed warm air our way.

We spent almost seven hours on a hill overlooking the main crater. I took the photo below at sunset. Even though it was cold and we had to walk a long distance, it was all worth it.

The pictures of the sheep and church were taken in the Westman Islands, a volcanic archipelago in the south of Iceland. This is one of the most picturesque places I’ve ever seen. It really is a magical place! That is what I wanted to show with my photos.

Even though there was a pandemic at the time, my time in Iceland definitely changed my life. I’m glad I got to meet so many great photographers and other locals.