Branding: BOC

Created in: 2024
Main topic: BOC logo and branding
Status: Under construction

BOC is a platform about social media software. BOC’s primary aim is to help other creators create successful online communities. Besides a website, BOC will also be active on social media channels like YouTube, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

I developed the branding for BOC. The logo consists of a figure that contains several letters. This may not be so obvious at first, but when you look more carefully, you will see the letters B, O, and C. Besides that, the circles collectively represent a sense of togetherness, which is the central idea behind the website.

The primary brand color is purple, which can be combined with complementary colors like orange, green, and blue. Purple was used as a warm and inviting color. The logo is round-shaped, but it can also be used without it.

BOC is currently under construction. I will share more details soon!

Take a look at these examples of brand materials I designed for BOC.